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Medical tourism is becoming an accepted reality to more and more people all across the world. Our hospitality and healing surroundings combine with superior quality medical care and unquestionably lower costs to create a very real incentive you can’t ignore. Whether is your surgical procedure, the cost differential can be compelling. http://catchmepatchme.it/

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Our team consists of exclusive individuals with a wide experience in healthcare and administration. On one hand we are enriched with trained and professional doctors and medical professionals who are to assist and understand the medical history, reports and medical needs of the medical tourist while on the other hand, we have skilled management professionals looking after all the ground work required to provide our medical tourist flawless services and make sure that you fly back home satisfied and with a smile on your face. signilight plus

We have developed working relationships with a network of highly skilled and reputable medical service providers. This relationship allows us to coordinate all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and convalescence with the overall client travel itinerary; in advance of the client’s departure from their home country. This is followed by complete “on ground” concierge services which coordinate the medical and travel objectives of the client in seamless fashion. signilight plus

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